Emeritus offers certificate courses and diploma programs for working professional on topics in Digital, Analytics, Leadership, and Innovation. These programs are created in collaboration with the best universities in the world. You can get more information about Emeritus programs by:

  1. Viewing the Programs menu at emeritus.org
  2. Speaking to a program advisor. If you provide your phone number at emeritus.org, a program advisor will call you
  3. Emailing us at info@emeritus.org

No, there is no limit to the number of programs you can pursue at one time. Do keep in mind that programs require you to invest between two to eight hours of learning effort each week.

Who can I speak to about my requirements and clarify my doubts regarding the programs?

You can provide your phone number at emeritus.org. We will have a Program Advisor speak to you. Or you can email us at info@emeritus.org.

Yes, you can email us at info@emeritus.org. We respond in 24 hours on weekdays and 72 hours on weekends and holidays.

Emeritus programs are designed for working professionals. These programs in the areas of digital, analytics, innovation, strategy and leadership are intended to help working professionals prepare themselves for the rapidly changing demands of the work place. Completing an Emeritus program gives you the knowledge, the network, and the certificate to stay relevant in the digital workplace. Several of our alumni report success in implementing new strategies at their jobs. Some of them report career moves.

Most of our learners are individuals enrolling in their personal capacity. Hence, we receive feedback from them, not from their employers. In the past, we have had senior managers, directors, general managers, VPs, and CXOs enrolled into our programs from companies like Accenture, Adobe, Amazon, CISCO, Deloitte, EY, Flipkart, Genpact, IBM, KPMG, SAP, and Thomson Reuters, to name a few. Most of our learners have provided testimonials and have written blog posts about their experience. You can see the testimonials on our website and search for the blog posts on the Internet.

Emeritus certificate programs are not designed for accreditation by professional bodies. The programs that are accredited by professional bodies usually teach specific skills. Emeritus programs are intended to teach using frameworks and case studies and to encourage you to think of what is possible.

We are certain that our programs are the best in the world since these programs are designed by faculty from the best universities in the world. Also, the universities we collaborate with are represented on our Academic Board, which approves each program design.

The Emeritus diploma programs are registered and approved by the Committee for Private Education (CPE), Singapore, which is the education regulator in Singapore. The Emeritus diploma programs contain content created in partnership with the best universities in the world.

Completion of an Emeritus certificate program does not translate into credits at our partner universities or any other universities. The design of our programs aims to help working professionals prepare themselves for the challenges of a rapidly changing workplace. We have chosen an online model of delivery to ensure busy working professionals are able to acquire the skills their jobs require. The design and delivery model of our programs are not intended to fit into an academic credit program.

We are unable to answer this question since we are not experts on immigration services. We advise you to contact immigration services.

We are not aware of agencies that formally rank professional certificate programs. However, there are several websites that compare professional certificate programs. We encourage you to do your research before choosing a program.

Emeritus programs are fully-online programs. All program material including videos, quizzes, assignments, and simulations (where available) are accessible 24/7 on the Emeritus Learning Management System. You are encouraged to attend live webinars, which are usually conducted between 2PM and 3PM UTC. In case you cannot attend a live webinar, a recording of the webinar is available to you on the Emeritus Learning Managemment System. You are required to invest two to eight hours each week on studying program material and completing assignments.

Emeritus programs do not require your physical attendance on a campus and do not require you to attend a graduation ceremony.

Emeritus collaborates with the best universities in the world to design and offer world-class programs. The universities we collaborate with provide program design, program content, and faculty and ensure academic rigor.

No. Enrollment in an Emeritus program is enrollment in the Emeritus Institute of Management. Emeritus Institute of Management is a private education provider registered with the Committee of Private Education (CPE), Singapore.

Some Emeritus certificate programs may have prerequisites. Please check the program page on emeritus.org for prerequisites for your program.

Do note that all English-language Emeritus programs are taught in English, and you are required submit assignments in English. If you have enrolled in a Spanish-language Emeritus program, you are not required to understand English.

Many of the world’s business leaders and opinion makers have spoken about how the world is being transformed through digital, analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Further, strategy and leadership remain important. In this context, we believe every professional today requires skills in these areas. We also believe these topics will impact and transform every industry and function. So we believe our programs will be relevant to everyone.

We are unable to comment about the specific details of programs from other providers. However, we encourage you to list the things you are looking for in a program and compare Emeritus’s certificate programs with those of other providers. In the table below, we have listed some of the parameters our learners have found relevant and detailed how our programs stack up. You could use this table to run a comparison.

Program Attribute Emeritus
Class-size Class size of 150 people with individualized attention
Calendar Fixed start and end dates that ensure learners stay focused and on track
Duration Three months
Support Email support for academic and non-academic questions are usually responded to within 24 hours. Our support team also follows up to nudge you along to completion.
Content Recorded videos, live webinars, graded assignments, group work (where appropriate), discussion boards, and office hours
Grading & Feedback Graded assignments that include feedback on your performance
Faculty Faculty from the best universities design and develop the content of the course and provide recorded video lectures.
Certificate Verified digital certificate issued by Emeritus, with the collaborating university logo and signature

We follow a unique pedagogy at Emeritus. The pedagogy weaves together video lectures that cover the theory and frameworks, followed by assignments. The assignments require learners to apply the theory and frameworks to actual workplace situations. Simulations are also included where relevant. The pedagogy includes grading and feedback on assignments, so you know if you have applied concepts correctly. For instance, in the Digital Strategies for Business course, learners are taught the Customer Path to Purchase — an important framework while designing a digital transformation. The framework is taught through video lectures. This is then followed by an assignment where the learner must create a Customer Path to Purchase for their own business or for a business of their choice. The assignment is graded, and feedback is provided whether the framework was applied correctly.

Emeritus programs usually cover both B2C and B2B business models. Many of the frameworks that are taught are equally applicable in both B2C and B2B situations. You may see more B2C examples since these examples are easier to relate to for every learner. We encourage you to participate in the discussions, contextualize the topic under discussion, and ask pointed questions to understand why and how a framework or strategy will apply in your context

Yes, all the concepts we teach are relevant to businesses of all sizes. We use examples of large companies since these are easy for everyone to relate to. However, the frameworks and concepts are applicable to a smaller business too. Keep in mind that large companies were also small companies once, which grew owing to their successful strategy.

Moreover, we urge you to participate in the discussions, contextualize the topic under discussion, and ask pointed questions to understand why and how a framework or strategy will apply in a smaller company.


No. Faculty from the collaborating university are available only through recorded videos (unless specified). Do bear in mind that faculty from collaborating universities are among the busiest people in the world. That is why we have recorded them and made these high-quality videos available to learners from across the world.

The live webinars and office hours are delivered by industry practitioners empaneled by Emeritus. We refer to them as course leaders. Emeritus course leaders are highly accomplished industry professional with excellent credentials. You will interact with our course leaders through webinars and office hours.

No. Faculty from the collaborating university are available only through recorded course introduction videos. Do bear in mind that faculty from collaborating universities are among the busiest people in the world. Which is why we have recorded them and made it available to learners from across the world through high-quality videos.

However, our course leaders conduct webinars for prospective learners before they enroll. Course leaders are highly accomplished industry professionals with excellent credentials who will continue to assist you during the course through webinars and office hours.

You will receive an email invite to these webinars if you are registered with us.

We usually enroll 300 to 400 students in a cohort. The cohort is typically divided into classes of 150 learners. Our students represent more than 70 countries from across 30 industries and all kinds of roles within their industries. We have witnessed very high energy, great discussions and enriching interactions led by these individuals.

Owing to our privacy policies we are unable to connect you directly with past students. However, learner testimonials are available at emeritus.org. You can also discover our past learners at the Emeritus LinkedIn page and connect with them.

On commencing the program, you will be provided a schedule for the entire program. You will also receive alerts, announcements, email reminders, and phone calls (where required) to keep you on track. Our learning model works to ensure that no learner is left behind.

A typical video would be about 10 minutes. However, this varies depending on the concept being taught. Our design philosophy is to ensure people learn. Video length is designed to ensure this outcome. A course typically has one hour of video for each week of the course.

We provide live webinar teaching conducted by Emeritus course leaders (who are accomplished industry practitioners with excellent credentials). We also offer office hours where learners can log in and have their questions answered. The course leaders also conduct briefing and debriefing sessions of the assignments.

An Emeritus certificate program requires you to invest two to eight hours a week (depending on the course) on learning. We would encourage you to plan your schedule to be able to invest this amount of time. We have a dedicated program support team who follow-up with you to ensure you stay on track during the course.

Do keep in mind that nearly all our alumni are working professionals. In our previous cohorts, we have witnessed very high energy, great discussions and enriching interactions.

The two to eight hours of time investment each week includes the time you will invest on video lectures, assessments, assignments and webinars.

Most programs require a laptop and an internet connection. However, some of the technical programs have specific technology requirements. The detailed pre-requisites for each course can be accessed on the course webpage

You will be provided access to the Emeritus learning management system. You will perform all your academic activities including attending classes on the system. This is an online program; you will not have to travel anywhere to attend classes.

All Emeritus certificate programs include live-streamed webinars. Webinars are usually conducted 1PM and 3PM UTC on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

We encourage learners to attend the live webinars. However, attendance is not mandatory. In the event you are unable to attend the webinar, you can access a recording of the webinar, which is uploaded onto the Emeritus Learning Management System.

No, given the high quality of video content we offer, we are unable to allow download of the content. However, some of the reading material is downloadable. You will have access to the Learning Management System for 12 months after your program concludes.

In cases of individual work assignments, the rights remain with the student.

Where the work assignment is submitted as part of a team project or assignment, the rights remain with all the individual members of the group who contributed to the work, regardless of the duration of the program or project itself, unless there is a written agreement between all of the group members to attribute the rights to a specific member of the group.

However, if Emeritus or its partner universities lend any support regarding funding, consulting, advising, or any other type of resource allocation toward the completion of the project assignment unless otherwise agreed, the rights will remain with Emeritus.

No, neither Emeritus nor any academic partner universities will provide any seed funding for any projects undertaken during or after the program period. All projects undertaken during the program period will be purely academic.


The steps to enrolling into an Emeritus certificate program are

– Visit emeritus.org and choose PROGRAMS.

  1. Choose the program you are interested in.
  2. Choose the Apply Now button on the page.
  3. Create a login.
  4. Apply for the program.
  5. Pay the tuition fee.
  6. You can save your application and return to it at any time by going to


You can reset your password at https://emeritus-admissions.secure.force.com/Login.

Do check your spam or junk folder for the password reset email.

If that doesn’t work, please email us at info@emeritus.org

You don’t need any documents to complete your application for a certificate program. All you need to do is to submit a completed application form and pay the fees.

The diploma programs require documents to be submitted. The list of documents required is available on the specific program web page at emeritus.org

We are interested in knowing the profile of the learners who enroll into our programs so we can design programs and assignments that are relevant to our learners. Do note that your information is protected by our privacy policy. You can read the privacy policy at https://emeritus.org/academic-policies/

We make every effort to ensure that learner data is private and safe. You can read our privacy policy at https://emeritus.org/academic-policies/

Yes, all our pre-recorded video lectures have closed-captioning.

We usually admit learners four times a year into our programs. We usually notify the next run of a cohort just after the previous cohort commences.

If you have not yet submitted your application form, you can log in at

https://emeritus-admissions.secure.force.com/Login and make the correction.

If you have already submitted your application, please send the correction you want made to admissions@emeritus.org. We may need documentary evidence to support your correction in some cases. Upon successfully verifying the correct you are seeking, we will make the correction and email you back.


We offer two methods of payment

  1. Wire transfer
  2. Credit card payment through Visa, Mastercard, or Amex. We are unable to accept Discover cards.

You can access the wire transfer details once you start the application process. . To apply please visit https://emeritus-admissions.secure.force.com/Login

Wire transfer details:

  • Account Name: Emeritus Institute of Management Pte Ltd
  • Bank Name: The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
  • Bank Address: 21 Collyer Quay, #07-01 HSBC Building, Singapore 049320
  • USD Account Number: 260-816558-178
  • Bank Code: 7232
  • Branch Code: 260

Please email us the Telegraphic Transfer reference number to admissions@emeritus.org after you complete the transaction. You can also scan and send us the copy of the transfer receipt so that we can expedite the admission process. We will email you a confirmation of receipt.

Please send the transaction reference number to admissions@emeritus.org. We will check at our end and let you know what can be done.


Yes, the Emeritus certificate programs are graded. All quizzes, assignments, and projects included as a part of this program are graded. Each Emeritus certificate program has varying grade requirements to complete the course. You will be able to see the grading criteria for your course as soon as you log in to the Learning Management System.

An Emeritus certificate program usually has one assignment every week. It can be an individual assignment or a group assignment. Reasonable deadline extensions are provided when there is a compelling reason.

No, you are not required to purchase any additional software or access to any platform to use as a part of this program. We will provide all the materials, tools, software, and platform access free of charge to our students.

We send a verified digital certificate to all learners who successfully complete the program.

You will typically receive your digitally verified certificate within two to four weeks of completing the program.

You will receive a link to your digital certificate via email. You can embed this link in your social media account to showcase your academic achievement.

No, we do not require our students to attend a graduation ceremony.

Our certificates do not have an end date. They are valid forever.